Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The king of Le Marche (and not only) gastronomy is without any doubt the olive oil, needless to add “extra virgin” to ensure that it’s all from pressed olives because there’s no other way of making oil in our region.

Everyone in Le Marche knows how crucial is the quality of the olive oil for a good result when preparing a dish, may it be an humble bruschetta or a superb fresh truffle pasta.

And high quality oil comes from our selected olive varieties ( frantoio, leccino and carboncella mainly) and from perfect conditions for the olive cultivation: hilly “poor” soil and dry and warm climate, though not too hot.

The rest is just in the expert human hand that picks the olives at the right time and the local mill cold pressing them within few hours from harvesting.

 Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is just that, but its taste is unequaled. And it’s the healtiest thing one could use for preparing and dressing food, too.