Among the traditional food Italy is famous for, truffles certainly fall within the category but while everybody knows truffles from other part of Italy as Piedmont, very few people know and appreciate the high quality truffles you can find in Le Marche.

The main areas in the region where you can find superb quality truffles are in the hinterland, close to the mountains, offering a wide choice during the season with different qualities from the rare white truffles of Acqualagna and Sibillini Mountains in winter, to the black Scorzone  during the summer, for a total of seven different varieties.

Our selection of truffle, both fresh and derivates, comes from a small and well established artisan producer in the Piceno area which during the last few decades developed a complete line of products, including truffles cream and sauce but also butter, honey and extra virgin olive oil. Everything is rigorously made on place by using locally sourced ingredients.

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