Sibilla Foods is the only dedicated Le Marche products importer in United Kingdom


Food & Wines

All our products come from Le Marche Region, a still relatively unknown part on the Italian East coast, which lies between the Adriatic sea and the Appennini Mountains. The particular geological setting offers a very diversified climate for vineyards growth made by the proximity of the sea to the hills and by some very unique combination of different kinds of soils. The result is a rich range of deeply different grapes variety in a such restricted area and this gives to Le Marche Region a very diversified and high quality wine production dated back from centuries in history.

About Us

Sibilla Foods Limited is the only dedicated Le Marche Food importer in UK bringing you the very best of the Le Marche produces selected by “Marchigiani” people.  That is why we personally source our range of wine and food to be sure to bring you the best the region can offer with a particular commitment to promote small local artisan producers who run their business from generations keeping alive the regional tradition of food and wine making.

We also take particular care in promoting organic certified producers and the majority of our wines and food are made by following these methods of horticulture and agriculture.

Our passion and dedication to this part of Italy comes from the love we have for our native place but also a strong desire to promote the beauty and uniqueness of Le Marche to a wide and international audience unfortunately used mainly to “commercial” Italian products.